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Disclaimer for the use of IR information

IR information contained in this website aims to provide our company’s information related to finances and business strategy. This information is offered with no provision of guarantees or any assertion of accuracy.
When making an actual investment, investors are advised to refrain from relying solely on the information on this website to make an investment decision and to exercise their own judgment in any decision concerning an investment.

About the information published on this website

We take great care to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website. We assume no responsibility of any kind for damages including, but not limited to, errors, the alteration of data by third parties or damages resulting from downloading data from this website.

About future prospects

Some of the information published on this website contains references to future business results. These statements do not guarantee future business results and do entail risks and uncertainties. There is a possibility that the actual business results may differ due to changes in society and market conditions.

About the operation of this website

The operation of this website may be suspended or ceased, or the content may be changed at any time without prior notice. Also, the website may not function properly due to communication environment, conditions of user’s computer, and other reasons. We disclaim any responsibility for any problem, loss or damage arising from above.
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